Luxegoederen beschermen? Discretie verzekerd | Christoffels Vastgoed - Verzekeringen Lanaken

Protecting luxury goods? Discretion guaranteed!

As experts in exclusive insurance, we discreetly seek out the best possible cover for your valuable property.

Luxury real estate, art and jewellery

Your villa is so much more than walls with a roof on top. So are our policies, because they protect absolutely everything.

Your benefits

  • Comprehensive home insurance (building and contents) for wealthy individuals.
  • For items of financial and emotional value.
  • Special risks? Family Protection and Cyber.
  • Art, jewellery and clothing included in the insurance.
What do we insure?

  • Both your private villa and your country house.
  • Theft is of course covered. But if you lose valuable possessions through your own absent-mindedness, that is also covered.
  • Glass damage is fully covered, also for special or exclusive windows.
  • Your possessions are always insured on the basis of new value, and are covered worldwide. Also your travel luggage.
No hassle

No stress, we take care of it for you. That is our philosophy. We understand that money alone will not help you. Our policies insure against virtually any damage to your home or contents. We take a broad view.

What is not explicitly excluded is by definition covered.
All risk.

The broker who helps you

We go to great lengths to protect your possessions. For each exclusive home, an expert comes on site and assesses the value so that no discussion is possible in the event of damage. And this applies to the building, contents, art and jewellery. We are proud of this approach.

Do you file a claim?

Then you will benefit from a pleasant, correct and fast damage settlement. As you may expect from a broker in this segment.


As experts in supercar insurance, we know exactly how to protect your precious possession against all risks.

We understand the art of insurance

Insuring a supercar requires a special approach. For this you have come to the right place.

Depending on the make (Bugatti, Porsche, Bentley Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, etc.) we compare prices and conditions of specialised insurers so that you can choose optimal protection at the most competitive price.

What has value for you,
has value for us.

Classic cars

A classic car is a journey. It is a moving possession that revolves around experiences. We work with insurers who understand this value and your love for classic cars and offer you insurance for one classic car or your entire collection.

At Christoffels Insurances, you will find more than the ordinary car insurance. We are specialised in insuring your oldtimer, youngtimer or collection.

Your benefits

  • All-risk insurance.
  • For one car or a collection.
  • Coverage during most rallies.
  • Damage or repair? Choose your own specialist.
Because you know your car

  • Accessories, parts and memorabilia are automatically covered up to €5,000. This can always be increased on request.
  • Repatriation costs reimbursed if your car is no longer drivable after an accident.
  • Authenticity and quality are leading. That's why you choose your own specialist for damage repair and repairs.
  • European coverage with possibilities to extend outside of Europe.
We understand the art of insurance

With a classic car, subjective observations determine its value. Where does the car come from, who were its owners, what condition is this car in? Is it completely original or has it been restored to perfection? We work with insurers who understand this value and your love for classic cars.


If you have a valuation report, we can insure your exclusive car for a fixed appraised value. In this case, the fixed appraised value is paid out in the event of total loss.

The broker who helps you

In our service, we go considerably further than others. We are proud of this approach. Are you making a claim? Then you will benefit from a pleasant, correct and fast claim settlement. As you would expect from a broker in this segment.